Do You See The Light?: Three Signs That You May Really Need To See An Optometrist

Some people, especially those approaching middle age and beyond, frequently avoid doctors and medical professionals of all kinds. If you have not needed glasses most of your life, you are probably one of those people who has avoided seeing an optometrist. However, your eyes can change dramatically with age, and there are definitive signs that you need to see an optometrist right away. Here are just three of those signs that will help you see the light (and everything else around you! Read More 

Three Signs Your Child May Be Nearsighted

Although your child's last vision check may have been normal, it's possible to develop nearsightedness (also known as myopia) at any point during childhood. Myopia can be inherited from parents, so your child is at a higher risk of this if one or both parents are also nearsighted. However, having nearsighted parents doesn't mean your child is certain to be nearsighted. Environment and habits play a part as well, so your child may not develop any vision problems at all. Read More 

Dealing with Eye Injuries

In some cases your eye may be injured to the extent that it will be obvious that you need to seek immediate medical attention, such as in cases where there is a deep puncture to the eye. However, in other cases you may injure your eye in such a way that you have a hard time determining whether or not you should seek treatment. The information in this article can help you to know whether or not your eye injury is serious enough for you to see your optometrist or seek emergency medical treatment. Read More 

Do You Smoke? 4 Ways It Could Be Damaging Your Eyes

Did you know that cigarette smoke can harm your eyes? It's true. Research has shown that cigarette smoke can damage your eyes and increase your risk of developing serious vision problems. If you smoke, here are four vision problems you could be facing in the future. Age-Related Macular Degeneration As you age, your vision can deteriorate. Age-related macular degeneration – which is the deterioration of the macula in the central portion of the retina – can lead to blindness. Read More 

Symptoms Of The Most Common Diseases Of The Eyes

When a person has blurred vision they do not necessarily need to worry that they are losing their sight or have some type of eye disease. In many cases, their eyes are just changing with age and they may need a new pair of prescription glasses. However, there are symptoms of common diseases of the eyes that should not be ignored. Consider a few of those here. Symptoms of Glaucoma Read More