How To Care For Your Eyes If You Wear Contact Lenses

Contact lenses help you to see, but they can cause eye concerns if you don't wear them properly and don't take good care of them. Wearing them wrong will have consequences that will eventually affect your vision. To help you take better care of your eyes and your lenses as a contact lens wearer, there are a few things you should be aware of. Read on for helpful information.

Take A Break From Your Contact Lenses

You need to give your eyes a break from wearing your contact lenses. Contact lenses cover the eyes and hinder the amount of oxygen that gets into your eyes. If your eyes aren't getting enough oxygen, they can eventually dry out and develop vision concerns. You need to take out your lenses for at least a few hours during the day to give your eyes time to get some oxygen. Wear your eyeglasses instead of your contact lenses to give them a break.

Clean Your Contact Lenses And Case

Your contact lenses should be cleaned thoroughly with contact lens solution before you put them in and after you remove them. You should be cleaning them in the palm of your hand and gently rolling them with the solution to clean them. You should use a contact lens solution that is up-to-date and replace it often if it isn't. You should also replace your lens case often and only use a cleaning solution in the lens case. Don't continue to use the same old solution in the case. Your lenses can accumulate with dirt and debris and all of this can transfer to your eyes, which can cause problems with your vision.

Only Wear Your Lenses As Directed

You need to wear your contact lenses as instructed. Over-wearing your lenses can cause problems such as eye infections, or strain on your eyes. If you have daily lenses, toss them out daily and don't wear them for more than one day. If you have lenses that aren't made for sleeping with them in, you shouldn't be sleeping in them. Only wear your lenses as they are intended to be used. Also, be sure you aren't sharing your lenses with anyone else. Your prescription is made for you and only you, not for others.

If you have contact lenses, you need to wear them properly to protect your eyes and your vision from getting damaged. Talk to your optometrist about forms of eye care.