3 Reasons Why You Should See Your Eye Doctor For An Exam

The eyes are an overlooked organ of the body until you have issues. It's important to have an eye exam yearly to have your vision and the health of your eyes checked to be sure there aren't any issues. Going in for an eye exam yearly helps give a baseline for your optometrist  to compare your vision or any irregularities with your eyes with past eye exams. There are other reasons to see the optometrist for eye exams, even if it isn't time for your yearly exam. Read on for a few reasons why you should get your eyes checked.

1. You're Getting Constant Headaches

If you are experiencing headaches or migraines a lot more than usual, or you never usually have these types of headaches, it could be due to your vision. If your vision is worsening, it can cause headaches or migraines, as well as neck and shoulder pain. You're straining to be able to see, which can lead to the headaches, and if you're leaning forward quite a bit in order to strain to see, you're putting an excess strain on your neck and shoulders as well. You may also feel pain all the way down to your lower back. If you have these issues, your vision and your eyes may be to blame - have your vision checked.

2. Your Contact Lens Is Lost In Your Eye

It can happen to anyone, but there my be a time when this happens to you. If you have lost your contact lens in your eye and you aren't able to get it out, you may need to go in for an exam and help finding the lens. It usually will reappear on it's own, or you may have to flush out your eye in order to get the lens out, but sometimes it helps to have help of the professional kind to help you get it out. If you're struggling to get your lens out, don't keep digging in your eye - go to the eye doctor for help.

3. You Have Oozing

A little sleep in the eye is one thing, but a lot of sleep in the eye, or a crusty or oozing mess in your eye may be something more. It could be pink eye, or it could be some other type of eye infection. If you have this issue, keep your hands out of your eyes, and instead use a warm washcloth on the eye to help loosen the crustiness. It can alleviate any pain or swelling that you may have as well.  If you have oozing or crust on your eyes - get to the eye doctor for a checkup.

These are just a few reasons to get your eyes checked. If you have any vision or eye concerns, make an eye appointment with your optometrist or hop over to this web-site for more info.