Choosing The Right Prescription Sunglasses

When it comes to proper eye-care, a great pair of sunglasses can go a long way in protecting your eyes from harmful UV rays. However, for those with less than perfect vision, maintaining a proper balance between contact lenses, glasses, and sunglasses can be a bit challenging. Contact lenses may work great with sunglasses, but do not fair well in all conditions, nor are they always the most comfortable to wear.

Individuals who rely solely on prescription glasses are pretty much left vulnerable to the suns rays, as many glasses do not fit underneath typical sunglasses. Thankfully, recent advancements in eye-care have helped bridge the gap between vision solutions and proper protection. Prescription sunglasses give the wearer all the benefits of correcting their vision while protecting their eyes from harsh environmental elements. So, if you're in the market for some prescription sunglasses, this article will help you make the right selection when considering all options.

Matching Your Style and Usage

Prescription sunglasses, just like normal non-prescription sunglasses, can come in virtually any design, shape, and color. Many of the big-name designers make prescription sunglasses as well, so all you have to worry about is choosing something that fits your lifestyle and personality.

Similar to your wardrobe, the type of sunglasses you choose can make a bold statement about your identity. Your face is your most recognized feature about you, so choosing sunglasses that not only fit the contours of your face, but your persona, is important.

Before choosing a style, consider what your primary use might be for sunglasses. Are you needing something for work that has a professional style to them? Or are you simply looking for a casual pair to wear down by the pool? Below are some styles to consider when choosing your prescription sunglasses:

  • Professional - If you're looking for a pair of prescription sunglasses for work-related purposes, then you might want to consider either a functional or elegant style. Consider styles that meet your immediate professional needs, whether that be a conservative frame for business related environments, or something more practical for unobstructed work. Avoid styles that are overly creative, or colorful—or anything that uses a controversial shape.
  • Casual - Whether you're looking for a comfortable pair of sunglasses to use while driving, or reading a book at the beach, there are many different styles you can choose from. With casual prescription sunglasses, you have a bit more freedom to choose a style that fits your personality. Consider choosing something that will be comfortable first, then find a frame shape and color that suits you. Since casual sunglasses aren't as impeded by profession or function, feel free to get creative.

Sunglasses have always been a great way to protect your eyes from the harsh UV rays of the sun, but were only available to those with contact lenses or excellent vision. However, with the introduction of prescription sunglasses, everyone can now ensure their vision is always properly protected from the environment. So, when it comes to choosing the right pair of prescription sunglasses, consider something that not only matches your personality and style, but your intended use as well.